Our main business line is the supply/Installation of:

  • Hospital/Medical Equipment
  • Scientific/Laboratory Equipment

We have a variety of manufacturers who are stringently vetted for quality on our supply database to
bring our clients a large and comprehensive range of products from large scale medical diagnostic imaging systems such as MRI, CT scanners and X-Ray machines to hospital furnitures,Medical incinerator and many more.

While our main business line and speciality is the Medical and scientific industry, we also aim to provide for and service, Industrial and Technical sectors and can also source out:-

  • Surveying Equipment
  • Soil Equipment
  • Oceanographic and Marine Equipment
  •  GPS instruments


In addition to supplying the above we also offer a wide range of services to fit your specific business need.


  • Project Planning and Advisory
  • Training Services
  • Project Administration
  • IT consultation for hospitals


  • Laboratory Installation and services
  • On site repair and equipment maintenance
  • Technical Advisory
  • Quality Control

At Nass Venture we have experience of professionally executing Turnkey Projects from state of the art research and teaching hospitals to community orientated floating hospitals.
We have engaged in all processes from designing, installation and complete fit-out to deliver a fully-functional Hospital.
Please contact us for more information.

The list is not intended to be exhaustive so contacts us with your individual requirements.

Nass Venture provides independent advice to our clients and will protect client confidentiality where this is appropriate to the project.